Bet-Science – Bet science is a powerful online/offline betting system. Covering Horse racing as well as many other different sports, they believe their system can turn around your betting fortunes. The actual system The is a set of tried and tested book making and betting formulas that work on a full range of sports / events
System Search – Tracks down and monitors profitable betting systems and publishes the results.Very useful site with a breakdown on each system they are using, the costs involved, strike rate and profit to date..
Beat The Bookmaker – They examine statistical trends in horse racing notably the effect of the draw in flat racing. You can subscribe to their service and recieve free saturday tips or gain full membership for £19.99 a month.
The Perfect Racing System – The ‘perfect’ system claims to have an average of 8 wins from 10 but shows no definite recent results. To obtain the system if costs £30 .
Horse Racing Systems UK – Useful resource that asks what are betting systems and who uses them, looks at different betting systems and includes some free ones.
thelazymanswaytowinners – Back odds on favourites with their free selections with which they hope to achieve £22000 profit over 373 betting days. Alternatively you can pay to receive their selection methods, tracking spreadsheet and staking spreadsheet to choose your own horses.

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