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Sports Betting Genius!

We desperately wanted to get this guy on our team at Top Horse Racing Links.

In our opinion he’s the best in the world at what he does. Period.
Unfortunately, we simply couldn’t get anywhere close to being able to afford what
he’s worth. He doesn’t need us (or anyone else for that matter).

The guy is a Cornell University graduate with a PhD degree in statistics!

His results and profits are stunning!
Grab yourself a coffee for this one and you can thank us later!

The guy is a Sports Betting Genius!


2% Racing are doing it YET AGAIN!!!

A 25/1 winner from the 2% DAILY RACING VALUE service when callers to their daily line (0906 407 1170 – UK Only) were advised to back SIERRA VISTA, which not only WON at 25/1, but also broke the course record in the process!

For their main membership subscription service just take a look at their website home page then fill your pockets by becoming a 2%’er at;


Your own Racing Tipster service?

We have many racing tipster services proofing to us here at THRL, and perhaps you’ve tried a few? But have you ever thought about running your own racing tipster service?

After reading the details at: you may start to think about giving up your day job!!!


Private Racing

If there was a Top Horse Racing Links prize for the most forthright, “tell it like it is” professional punter in the UK, then Ray Thomas who runs The Private Racing service would probably win it hands down!

Ray doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to his own investments (bets), and he is the same with his Private Racing service for members only, saying,

“It’s not free. It’s not cheap, and it’s not for the average, run of the mill punter who risks money he can’t afford.”

Placing only around 25 bets in a year the service is very selective, If you prefer just a couple of bets a month on average, then the site is worth a look at

Virtual Horse Racing

Have you engaged yourself in virtual horse racing? Let us introduce you to this term. Virtual horse racing is the ultimate simulation betting game. With such realistic graphics and simulation of live streaming events, thanks to mimicking the cameras and different angles, you would see this is such a thrilling virtual sport. Slowly but surely, it is rising his glory, and horse racing bettors around the globe are giving much more interest in this than the real races. Why is that so? Because they can enjoy their favorite racing sport from the comfort of their home, it has the same thrilling effect and pleasure. Above all, they discovered that online sports betting has its perks and benefits, such as using free bonuses and promotions for each player. Thanks to that, gamblers can practice free bets and improve their strategy, and above all, players still win real money. Read more in the next articles.