2% Sports Betting – Sports Bets supplied by a professional gambler who makes his living through betting on Football, Golf, Tennis, Snooker as well as other sports. Recently had a 150/1 winner with David Gray winning the Scottish Open in the Snooker. Bets are proofed to us.
Ph Sports Bets – Long running succesfull sports betting service, that since its inception in May 2000 has made over £18,500 for its clients. Covering all kinds of sports and as many markets as possible.All bets are proofed to us here and they provide a summary of each weeks results here
Sportsbetprofits – Professional sports betting service covering a host of different markets, all results are listed at the site, and show a good return each month. Bets are sent out via SMS or email, expect on average 15 bets per month.
Spotform – Selections on both Horse Racing & Golf sent out via email with a detailed analysis of each bet chosen. All results are listed at his site and a free trial of the service is currently available.
Tips-Team – The Tips Team Sports Betting service advises around 20 bets per month on a variety of different sports. Available via both email and SMS alerts from £30 a month. Analysis is given on bets they advise and results are shown at their site and all bets are proofed to us

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