OzRaceTools – Excellent site with a number of Free Online Betting & Staking Tools. These include a Dutch Bet Calculator, Market Movers Calculator and a Odds convertor.
Netbetwinner – Bet management software. To obtain the software you must join their service.
Market Moves – Software that tracks prices in the market, analysing the pressure of money to determine whether a horse’s price is too short or too long. This is then relayed to you where they indicate which horses to back or lay. Profits look good and there is no need to download software as it is all hosted at their site.
By-A-Nose – Part of the Racing network, BAN helps take the hard work out of making racing selections. Offering a free 7 day trial and available for around £20 a month
Denville Software – Offers the Denville flat & national hunt racing software. A 6 race demo is available for £5 and full version for only £40
Horse Race Success – TOTE and bookie beater which they claim ‘you will be able to increase your odds of winning dramatically by being able to bet on multiple horses within the same race.’ Free trial software is available and you can get the full version for only $25 a year
Punter’s Professional – offers ‘pocket punters’ and ‘punters professional’ software prediction engine claiming to be 50-60% succesfull and they are currently offering a free 10 day trial.
Proform Racing Ltd – Tips, Speed Ratings and Form analysis software. You can download a free 1 week trial version of the software which includes graphical speed ratings analysis, draw statistics, class ratings, horse form, weight comparisons and more.
RaceXpert – Offer their own RaceXpert software which is currently being beta tested and isnt yet available for release.. For now you can subscribe to their free Saturday ratings service.
Winning Form – Free MS-Dos based software which holds data for the first 6 in UK flat races. Can be downloaded over the internet and regular updates are available.
A.D.M. Software – Two different horse racing software packages available, both of which can be downloaded as a free trial version before you buy. You can order online and they also operate a profitable racing tips service for only £30 a month.
Tote & Bookie Beater – Software that advises 3 horses in the same race in order to make you an overall profit. There is a free trial of the software available.

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