Losers into Winners – E-Book written by Raj Patel who claims to have a sure-fire way of printing money through his gambling methods. Assuming no knowledge of Horse Racing he makes clear the type of horses you should be looking at – short priced favourites. Excellently written book well worth a read.

Its Beat – Between 1-3 bets advised by 12:30 pm each day, either by logging into the members section or receiving them via email.
Laying Horses Dotcom – All laying bets available via a premium phone line or by subscription to his service. Each months results are detailed in full
Lay It To Lose – Run 2 services: a stop at a winner & and a lay of the day service. all bets to lay are again short priced favourites and all bets are proofed. Each service is £50 for 4 weeks or £90 for both.
Sportsage – All selections are proofed to Racing Index and they run a ‘pretenders’ section regarding laying vulnerable favourites. They also have a ‘trading places’ which is utilised for places instead of a win/lose outcome. Membership costs £30 per calendar month
Laybet – Supply between 1 – 4 horses a day to lay to lose or to bet to win and claim to make on average between 20 – 30 points a month. Their site contains their last 3 days results win or lose and they are currently offering the month of September 2002 for free. Normal pricing is £30 for 4 weeks.
Lay of the day – Taking advantage of the popular betting exchanges to give guidance on the best horses to lay. When you join their service you receive a ‘lay of the day’ and they offer a free membership scheme.
The Platinum Exchange – Offer advice on laying horses to lose. They have developed a system yielding a strike rate in excess of 90% with frequent winning runs of 12 or more laying short priced favourites. Free trial available
Alsoran – Currently offering free selections to lay to lose. Worth a look at if you can navigate the popup windows
Colin Berry Racing – Free service with a 100% strike rate for Dec & Jan from 36 laying advices. Not much else on the site, but winners (or in his case losers) are what matter! Worth keepin an eye on!
Betterlays – Very simple site whereby you will receive between 5-6 bets a week on horses to lay. Results are shown at the site since March 1st 2003.
Racing Spread – Bets are advised each day and are provieded by a professional form analyst. Each months results are shown at the site.

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