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Racing 2 Win - Free advices given out daily and placed on their website or sent via email once you subscribe to their mailing list.All results are placed on their site and they have a number of free systems for you to use.
Hot Free Tips - Join their mailing list to receive their free tips or call a premium number to get their best bet for the day.
Racing Spread - Horse Racing spread betting as well as a laying service which are both showing good profits to date. Difficult site to follow and confusingly put together.
14uhorseracing - Good looking site who offer both a free and a subscription tips service. With the subscription service they operate a no win no fee scheme where you are charged £5 for each point of profit made for each month. This is your only fee and they offer a free 1 month trial.
Top Form Racing - Their free tips are run in conjunction with Hot free tips (see above) and they have a number of links to various UK horse racing sites as well as operating a proofing service.
The Turfagent - Professional UK advisory service geared towards the serious backers who want to invest, not gamble, to make serious long term profits. Full refund available if you do not make a profit during your membership. A daily service and a selective 2-3 'special plots' service both available.
Summer Club Racing - SCR bets are based mainly on their own accurate form and time interpretations and they offer a free 3 months trial so you can observe their service before having to pay membership fees.
Football & Horse Racing Info - Basic site whereby you can sign up for their free football and horse racing advice, sent out via email.
Bet-Plan - Offer both a tipping service and an on-line stake plan service, A strike rate of 35.68% for their tipster service at the time of writing (Mar 2003)
Elite Forecast Ltd - Tipster where you must enter your details in a form prior to receiving details of their service. Profits on the homepage look good though, with 1433 points profit since Feb 2002.
Inside Info - Well run tipster service and site who use their inside information as the basis for their advice. Tips are sent out via SMS to your mobile phone for 50p + VAT per day. All results are posted to their website and proofed in advance to the Racing Post.
Wightisle Punters club - Tips selected by their own judgement, based upon their 20 years experience betting on horse racing. New members receive a 4 part guide booklet entitled 'beat the bookies'. All bets are proofed in advance to us here.
dailyracing.info - Between 10-12 bets advised each month selected by a team of 4 horse racing advisors all with access to inside information. There is a free trial until the 15th of May. Also operate a sports betting service.
By A Nose - Basic site advertising Premium rate tipster service.
Chesterford Racing Service - Bets sent out the night before racing via Email and SMS. Claiming an average of £1200 profit per month, results for 2003 are all listed at the site. There is both a full and a Saturday service available although they have a limit of 75 members.
Whisper Exchange - Quite simply an exchange board whereby those with inside information can post their knowledge (Whisper) for the benefit of all the visitors to the site. All whispers are fully vetted before being placed on their forum. They also have a future whispers section.
madforituk - Service run by Gaz Ainsworth, who picks his tips through indepth studying, whereby he picks a minimum of 8 horses every day apart from Sunday. Tips are available through access to the members section from 8am.
www.gorees.com - Betting scheme, to find out exactly what you must enter your email address as the information cannot be divulged in an open website.
The Lady Tipster - Tips are no longer posted on her website, but The Lady Tipster continues to proof her bets to us here at THRL. Lady Tipster Proofing
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